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I am a designer and strategist with over 20 years of experience in creating, producing and scaling brands that position, differentiate and humanise companies and products. My curiosity lies in the point of contact between people and brands, the experience beyond conversion or sale, and the impressions and memories that follow.

I view brands as integrated ecosystems, human-centred strategies and assets designed to create believable experiences, establish audience connection and continually build trust. Every touch point, digital and physical experience presents new opportunities to position a brand, reinforce its proposition and deepen trust.

After working as a strategic designer for leading global branding agencies in the WPP, IPG, and Omnicom networks, I founded ID&B (Identity & Brand): a Cape town-based brand design and strategy agency focused on bridging the gap between strategy and design and, more recently, brand and UX. I ran ID&B for 15 years, delivering world-class brand and product experiences for large organizations, scale-ups, and startups in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the USA, and Africa. I closed ID&B to relocate to London in 2021.

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