Strategies for the design of immersive, scalable digital product eco-systems

About me
I work with companies creating, scaling and aligning digital eco-systems by combining brand, design and UX strategies at a systems level. Having run my own brand strategy, design and UX studio after working for global branding agencies (WPP, IPG, Omnicom), I bring a wealth of experience in brand strategy, identity systems and information architecture to the space of digital eco-system design.


A highly strategic yet hands-on senior design leader, I value collaboration, building and mentoring multi-disciplinary design teams across complex projects, managing client relationships and stakeholder alignment, while delivering exceptional brand and digital experiences on time and within budget. I prioritise team culture centred on innovation, systems thinking, strategic thinking, and a safe space for exploring beyond mental models. 

My approach

Combining UX, strategy, design and brand models supports the creation of human-centred user experiences in three main ways: 


Consistency of brand experience. Removing brand fragmentation and creating a consistent positioning across complex environments..

Memorable digital experiences. Introducing methods of embedding into the UX a distinctive yet subtle range of emotive experiences opens up more opportunities to entrench loyalty. 

Scalable design systems that grow with brands. Digital products have the flexibility to evolve at pace over longer periods of time without breaking the control system that created them. 

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Design strategy process
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