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Customer and User journey maps

Service blueprint

Brand architecture
Design principles to align brand, product, UX & CX

Scalable branding system

Product design

Creative Direction

Early-stage startup provides a valuable opportunity to align product, brand and experience from the outset to create a distinctive positioning as the brand at the early adoption phase by enterprise-level audiences in a highly competitive environment. I worked with the product team on the early product design and integrated these UX principles into the end-to-end brand experience across all touchpoints and platforms.

I worked with the leadership team to define the new visual and verbal brand strategy, and I led their agency Kiss Branding who shaped the visual identity. I set down the early framework for a scalable branding system that would grow with the company and took these principles across launch material, covering thought-leadership communications, editorial, brochureware, website and digital touchpoints. The result is a flexible and scalable brand identity and communications system that aligns with product UX and keeps pace in the most dynamic environment of our time.

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