Defragmentation and strategic realignment of corporate brand for South Africa’s largest private hospital group in preparation for global expansion (and rebrand by Landor, London)

Private hospital group required their fragmented visual brand to be cleaned up, restructured and aligned to strategy. After the audit and strategy phase, I delivered a simple, ergonomic design system with templates, and designed a new operational process for their design and advertising agencies to implement. This was an interim solution before Landor (London) embarked on the global rebrand.

  • Audit and analysis of visual brand 

  • Gap analysis

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Audience segmentation and messaging needs

  • Information and messaging hierarchy

  • Defragmentation and alignment strategy

  • Design principles

  • Corporate identity design system

  • Service ecosystem mapping for ongoing quality standards

  • Service design

  • Mentorship of internal studio 

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