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Product strategy

User stories & empathy mapping

Journey mapping and service blueprint

Brand identity

Digital communications

Product design concepts

Healthtech startup that aimed to revolutionize the wellness industry through their B2B and B2C SaaS platform. The platform was designed to support wellness journeys by offering community engagement, online specialist consultations, and access to meticulously reviewed and vetted research and studies. Our product strategy process involved meticulous audience segmentation and analysis, employing techniques such as Personas and Empathy mapping and conducting ethnographic studies.

Delving deep into the target audience's needs, desires, and pain points allowed us to shape a product strategy that met the specific need states that went beyond the need for support, data and community. By addressing more nuanced needs states, we restructured the core offering of the platform, shifting from a proposition centred around support and care to one of empowerment and enabling an unprecedented level of independence for patients on their wellness journeys. This significantly impacted the brand proposition, visual identity and product design.

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