11 new iconic contemporary classic beverage brands for Africa's largest retail group

Brand strategy / Design strategy / Brand architecture / Name generation / Visual identity / Photography art direction / Packaging

Liquorshop, the Shoprite Group liquor retail chain across 14 African countries, needed to strengthen their private label brand share throughout South African and export markets. The new portfolio was to challenge entrenched market leaders across the continent..

I partnered with key client decision-makers in gaining insights into the audience segments and regional nuances of export markets and embarked on the strategy development and positioning of the brand to stake out a new and unique sweet spot in a highly competitive retail market.

The design strategy was to create layered iconic brands that felt familiar yet boldly distinctive. A stable base of classicism and heritage grounded the brands with richly entwined narratives.

The result was a beautiful, engaging brand portfolio that hit the ground running, creating a vibrant presence in-store. Primary and secondary packaging was stacked high for dramatic floor, shelf and window displays. Despite having no marketing or promotional campaigns to support their launch, the packaging created such a strong visual impact in-store that it converted consumers of competitor brands, while attracting an entirely new set of buyers. Each brand was instantly embraced by its market: the connected and style-savvy generation of consumers across Africa's metropolitan centres.

Case study available on request.