UX, UI and scalable omni-channel design system for B2B and B2C payments management PaaS

Personas / user journeys / empathy mapping / wireframes / interactive prototypes / scalable omni-channel design system

Visual identity, UX and UI omni-channel design system across mobile, desktop, tablet and self service terminals for B2B PaaS providers. The design system was to sync across their entire product portfolio, an offering that included account payments, purchase of utilities, gift cards and digital products through to purchase of air tickets, identity verification and financial services. The system had to be branded, yet sufficiently generic to allow for B2B partner rebranding without significant redesign.

The payment and purchase platform is used by B2C end-users across a range of devices and in various scenarios, and it is managed by B2B staff and a range of head office user groups. User profiling, personas and empathy mapping provided insights into usability planning and the design of visual and written assets.

The result: A friendly yet highly efficient user experience based on a modular and expandable UI design system that provided a seamless user interface for the platform - the finishing touch of a sophisticated and expertly designed PaaS.

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