New company brand & UX, UI of omni-channel digital product suite for B2C/B2B/B2E fintech PaaS

Brand strategy / design strategy / naming / visual identity / UX + UI for mobile, desktop and self service terminals / omni channel UI design system / creative direction

Fintech PaaS company with B2B and enterprise clients and stakeholders, as well as B2B and B2C end users, required a new brand to position them in the enterprise environment. The brand was also required to serve as a foundation for the UX /UI and design system for their omni-channel suite of products, including adaptation of self service terminal UX / UI to mobile app.

A broad end user offering that included account payments, purchase of utilities, gift cards, various digital products through to purchase of air tickets, identity verification and financial services. The system had to be branded, yet sufficiently generic to allow for B2B partner rebranding without significant redesign.

Brand architecture was structured to manage the relationship between digital products to platform and master brand and to guide the product and platform suite naming strategy.

UX and UI design of the omni channel digital product suite responded to user insights and reflected company personality, position and proposition. The design system syncs across entire company portfolio of touch points, linking company brand to mobile, desktop and self service terminal UI.

Case study available on request.

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