Mobile digital product concept for data-driven healthcare community & support

Concept / personas / user journeys / empathy mapping / wireframes / interactive prototypes / pitch media

Mobile application providing three main benefits to chronic illness patients: access to relevant, proven health information; access to pre-registered specialist practitioners; and immediate geo-linked community connection for on-demand support.

I strategised and designed the mobile app concept to be driven by a combination of personal health data, or micro-data, combined with macro data to provide patients with ultra-personalised support in their wellness journeys. User groups ranged in digital literacy levels but research showed that they were all comfortable with a specific range of mobile app interactions and functionalities, and I based my UX and UI design strategy around these.

This concept fell into both the medical and the wellness spaces, and I leveraged visual equity from both. To communicate the reassurance of the medical sector, I designed a clean and organised UX and UI design system to enable efficient, swift navigation through a complex offering, providing information in a reliable and predictable manner. This gives the product a systematic and structured experience and positioning. I introduced the softer wellness sector through a warm, friendly and optimistic colour palette and soft UI style that could be used above a strict design grid so it never appeared too soft or lacked medical credibility. This provided the product with a more humanistic user experience and provided differentiation to the colder visual language style used by the medical sector. Case study available on request.