Brand strategy and creative direction for leading technology-driven lab testing services

Pathcare is South Africa’s leading technology-driven lab testing services pathology practice that has been assisting doctors and healthcare professionals determine or confirm diagnoses since 1922. Pathcare invited me to partner with them in their stakeholder research program and brand transformation.

I participated in the stakeholder research team spearheaded by the Director of Operations, from designing the methodology through to distillation and analysis of final data. Thereafter we had the insights required to proceed with the brand audit which included a comprehensive assessment of the visual brand and communications touch points. We developed the audience segmentation matrix based on research and insights, this enabled us to redefine the value proposition and update the visual identity and communications touch points accordingly. I commissioned Seppi Hochfellner to do the photographic shoot and direction the photographic library. Project included design and production of a range of branded materials for launch, and the design and production of launch and promotional campaigns

The result was a more connected and humanised brand that translated into an elegant and ergonomic brand identity system.