Private label transformation at scale for Africa's largest retail group: 55 brands, 14 categories

Brand strategy / design strategy / product segmentation / brand architecture / creation and trademarking of 55 new brands / creative direction / art direction / artwork and packaging quality system design across global supply chain

I worked with Africa's largest retailer, the Shoprite Checkers Group, in restructuring, redesigning and migrating their entire non-foods private label portfolio, shifting consumer perception from a best-value offering to a premium one. This was undertaken in the South African mainstream retail homeware and non-foods environment and rolled out in 15 African countries.

The group apply a 'branded' strategy to their private label products, each of their brands owns a unique identity. To date these had developed casually in a decentralised way, quality, consistency and proposition had not been prioritised until this point. A fast-paced, long term and hands-on project that resulted in a well structured portfolio of strongly branded ranges with distinctive, iconic brands. These were managed by a new brand architecture, a new retail aisle merchandising framework and new quality control systems governing artwork, global supplier production and merchandising.

With the clearly demarcated quality levels demonstrating a broad range of price points to a broad range of consumer segments, the new brands competed successfully beyond the direct-competitor private label brands, creating a strong presence in the mainstream brand space, including premium brands, imported ranges and heavily entrenched household name brands.

Case study available on request.

A selection of the 55 new trademarks designed, registered and rolled out for the group across African regions.
Examples of premium kitchenware brands and packaging design.
Examples of mid-premium brand and packaging for homeware and kitchenware categories.
Examples of everyday kitchenware gadget branding and packaging design.

Examples of baby softs and feeding categories.

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