New portfolio of iconic, emotive consumer brands for retail chain

Brand strategy / design strategy / visual identity / packaging design / retail design / creative direction

A no-frills retail chain servicing lower income consumers through small format, well positioned stores is an ideal vehicle for this leading retail group's aggressive expansion throughout Africa. In this fiercely competitive retail market, their largely unbranded own-label products were at a disadvantage due to the emotive quality and iconic nature of their competitors, entrenched brand leaders and household names.

A strategic framework was developed that would retain the value-driven ethos while infusing a stronger emotional experience and quality to the brands. Using subtle design strategies we infused the extrovert personality of the famous and much loved mother brand into the brands, leveraging its legacy through the new packaging design and retail presence. A balance of new and suggestive visual assets and iconography created an emotionally charged set of new brand personalities, whilst retaining a safe amount of familiarity to enable the brands to be absorbed and woven into the diverse societies and cultures of their markets.

Retail store design was revisited using zero-waste retail-ready cartons that we designed and prototyped with global partners and an expanded product architecture was also investigated whereby iconic and small batch consignments, celebrity-endorsed ranges and others could be introduced to offer a more colourful and complete product range, and so broaden the consumer base.

We levelled the playing field, cut-price products achieved the same, if not greater, appeal as the brand leaders. Viva low price, new look supermarket sales.

Case study available on request.

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