Strategy, architecture and new identity for engineering group of companies in their global expansion

Research / interviews / brand strategy / brand architecture / value proposition / design criteria / visual identity / website / presentation media

An established South African engineering company required a brand that would more accurately convey their expertise while they diversified and launched into offshore markets. They had a hands-on approach and needed a system that enabled day to day usage by staff, from corporate identity material production to an organized set of templates to be used by staff for pitches, presentations and various levels of complex project management processes.


I partnered with Simera as they evolved from an engineering and product development consultancy to a global design-focused group of companies specializing in the aerospace, precision optical, automotive, medical and consumer domains. Working closely and co-creatively with the CEO and C-Suite, the company transformed towards its new global status of a Group of Companies with four new specialist divisions. We completed operating and competitive environment analyses, positioning frameworks in all relevant sectors, developed the brand architecture and drafted value propositions across all divisions. Separate strategic frameworks were developed for the divisions, specifically for global markets that required additional new research and immersion into new operating environments.

Visual identity

The visual language was designed around a strict grid framework with a flexible yet austere typographic grid to allow internal stakeholders to develop their own presentations within brand guidelines. Infographic and imagery style was developed and usage guidelines drafted to protect the brand image, while allowing practical implementation by staff. I commissioned typographer Luke Ritchie to refine the logotype and worked co-creatively with the company in achieving their desired result.

The result was a global brand that holds its own in the data, tech, engineering, design, business consulting and Industry 4.0 spaces while never losing sight of its unique competitive advantage: experienced mechanical engineering specialists.

Key learnings were that a hands on and co-creative process alongside the CEO gave the brand emotive resonance, and wove the new identity into the fabric of the company. This made it a more intuitive platform for staff to embrace, and to work with as they used the design system and templates on a daily basis.

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