UX + UI for an omni channel user manual to support on-site SST repairs at scale

User journeys / process flows / wireframes / interactive prototypes / design system / photographic elements / informative and diagrammatic illustrations

Operators manual app to be accessed via touchscreen self service terminals and mobile devices, often simultaneously to complete the maintain and repair processes.

The app is designed to guide users through troubleshooting, repair and general maintenance sequences of the customer-facing touchscreen financial services and payments platform. The UX and UI provided the manual with highly efficient usability in potentially highly pressured environments and the experience therefore self-explanatory, guiding users through complex processes in the simplest, easiest and most intuitive manner possible. User journeys and in-house training process-flow analysis informed us that despite rigorous training there would always be first time users of the terminal; as well as technical specialists who would be addressing major works and both required the same efficient and intuitive interface that removed risk of error.