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Lean canvas

User stories & empathy mapping

Journey mapping and service blueprint 

Brand identity

Brand communications & Campaign concepts Product design concepts

An innovative event tech startup that aimed to revolutionize the event industry by addressing critical challenges event organisers face. Their primary focus is to combat issues related to fake tickets, scams, gatecrashers, unskilled staff, attendee and payment tracking, profitability, and time spent on reconnaissance and post-event management. 


I was invited to join the core team to develop a brand model and product concept solution to provide optimum user benefits and to position the company as a new force to be reckoned with in the event industry. We conducted market research and audience analysis to understand the event organizer market and its pain points. We also analyzed competitor strategies, industry trends, and consumer insights to identify gaps and opportunities. This exposed new opportunities, and previously unexplored customer needs were identified, reshaping the core model and developing a PaaS model with the potential to build a brand architecture and ecosystem beyond event management. The concept evolved into a business model with a broader reach, greater revenues and significant industry impact.

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