New brand architecture and global repositioning of engineering, simulation and data management systems specialists 

Repositioning of engineering, simulation and data management systems leaders in their global expansion.New visual identity for Simera as they expanded globally and into new markets, from engineering to data, design, Industry 4.0 and space. A long-term and highly collaborative relationship resulted in a well-positioned global brand holding its own in challenging environments, while never losing sight of its core competitive advantage in the engineering sector.

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand identity system and messaging across six new business units 

  • Brand identity and communications 

  • Style guide

"Julie played an immense role to prepare and empower the Simera Group to launch onto the global stage. What impressed me most was her innate capability to rapidly understand our environment and moreover, decompose our initial business objectives into clearly articulated work breakdown structures with well-defined goals. 


She approached the work with a rather unique combination of out-of-the-box creativity and well-structured execution, which resonated with our systems engineering foundations."


Johann Du Toit

CEO, Simera 

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