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Aloe Ferox + is the first product launched by the Phyto Afriq brand, a developer of bespoke luxury wildcrafted botanical therapeutical skincare products.

Developed for the USA skincare market, specifically a segment that placed a high value on clean, scientific-based botanical skincare with an ethical backdrop that would provide overworked skin with soothing, hydration and anti-ageing benefits. A singular three-in-one product, a small luxurious ‘handbag must have’ that would never disappoint its market in their demanding, actively eco-luxe and mobile lifestyles.

The trademark and packaging design used a baseline of pharmaceutical minimalism to indicate the healing benefits of the wildcrafted botanicals. This provided reassurance and positioning of scientific integrity in the global luxury skincare market. Campaigns evoked an emotive experience the eco-luxury lifestyle for the well-travelled and sophisticated market. 

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