Transformational strategy for Africa’s leading cut-price retailer to compete against deeply entrenched brand leaders: Shifting consumer proposition from cut-price to emotive reward

Usave is a cut-price food retail chain with 434 stores servicing lower-income consumers through small format, no-frills, well-positioned stores.


In this fiercely competitive market, their own-label brands were at a disadvantage due to the long history, emotive quality and iconic nature of their competitors, all of them heavily entrenched brand leaders and household names.

I was appointed to identify opportunities for the Usave brand, a project that opened up the transformation of the retail experience, and a new level of emotive connectivity introduced to the shopper-brand relationship.

  • Audit and analysis of retailer environments and brand portfolio

  • Portfolio brand strategy

  • Design strategy per category and per product

  • Design architecture

  • 11 new brands - naming, trademark, visual identity, packaging

  • Prototyping of zero-waste retail ready carton system for outlets

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