Brand strategy / Communications strategy / Creative Direction

Global digital marketing agency acquired by the WPP Group appointed me as their Brand Strategist and Creative Director to redefine their value proposition and reposition their brand within the new environment.

At a time when it was exciting to discuss tech, we designed the project methodology on people, from B2B to H2H. This became the central idea and guiding principle of the project and it helped us reach a human-centred brand essence that was implemented across brand touchpoints and experiences. 


This methodology was inclusive and participative, and the new proposition was more easily adopted internally, helping build a new more unified culture across global teams and offices. 

Internal audit and stakeholder interviews
Brand strategy
Brand identity profiling
Value proposition
Communications strategy
Creative Direction over third party agencies


“Working with Julie was an enjoyable, interesting and collaborative process. Her ability to entrench herself in our agency and the space in which we operate was invaluable. This meant that she was able to challenge the thinking and these debates resulted in some extraordinarily insightful strategy. I would work with and recommend Julie at every turn, she will truly help you to develop a world class leadership brand.”

Global Marketing Director

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