I have been a visual identity designer for 20 years, a brand strategist for 17 of those, and a UX / UI designer for 5. 

I create and position brands by transforming complex data into clear, human-centered messaging through strategy, brand architecture, design, UX & UI. As a complexity-buster and systems thinker, the strategic impact and user experience are core to every decision made on content, usability, and design.

After working for large global and niche local branding agencies, (SuperUnion, FCB) I founded a strategy and design studio, ID&B, which I ran from 2005 to 2020. ID&B projects centered on brand strategy, brand architecture, and brand identity design. This experience equipped me with critical skills in directing teams on large-scale projects and maintaining strong client relationships while delivering world-class strategic and creative work within timeframes and budgets.


My experience provides me with insights into all aspects of the project and I am adept at finding pre-emptive solutions that ensure a time and cost-efficient process. I  am experienced in, and comfortable with enterprise and institution level challenges, through to startups.

Career summary

Freelance / Contract - Brand Strategist and UX / UI design 1 year

ID&B - Founder, Brand Strategist and Design Director (Cape Town, South Africa) 15 years

Yellowwood Future Architects - Senior Strategic Designer (Cape Town, South Africa) 2 years

SuperUnion - Senior Strategic Designer (Johannesburg, South Africa) 3 years

FCB - Designer (Johannesburg, South Africa) 1 year

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