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Design framework to align brand, product, UX & CX

Scalable branding system

Brand communications

​Product design

Design Direction

Working with an early-stage startup allows for aligning product experience to the brand and customer experience from the outset, creating a distinctive and consistent positioning from the pre-adoption phase. This is particularly important in the highly competitive environment of generative AI and large language models. 


I worked with the product team on establishing the UX design framework for enterprise-level user groups and took these principles to the brand identity and experience touchpoints. I worked with the leadership team in defining the brand, verbal identity, tone of voice and messaging framework. Led the execution of a fully scalable design system around the core identity that would grow with the company, delivering an end-to-end CX/UX experience framework for teams to implement across all channels, platforms and media. The result is a flexible and seamless brand, communications and messaging design system that, when executed, aligns with the product UX design system. A brand ecosystem that flexes and equips a fast-growing brand to keep pace as a leading artificial intelligence pioneer in one of the most dynamic sectors of our time.

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