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New brand and omnichannel digital product design for B2B2C Fintech PaaS provider

New corporate brand, visual identity, UX and UI digital product design to sync all consumer and business-facing brand and product touchpoints for the B2B2C PaaS.

The corporate brand strategy repositioned the company as it migrated from startup to enterprise, and the visual identity created the framework for the UI design of the PaaS. UX research and design informed usability and design decision-making.


Project scope:

- Brand and design strategy, brand architecture
- Product naming
- Brand and visual identity, print and digital communications
- Brand guidelines
- UX strategy, personas, journey mapping, empathy maps
- UI design for the suite of omnichannel digital products
- High definition interactive prototypes
- Omnichannel design systems and component libraries
- Design architecture to align product suite UI to core brand.
- Creative direction of development teams

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Discovery, research, mapping and definition stage that would form the foundation of all creative brand development • Value mapping • Operating environment and competitor analysis • Audience segmentation • Brand positioning

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The PaaS brand architecture evolved from monolithic to an endorsed branded system. This clarified the proposition of a unified platform comprising a suite of products and services. The product naming strategy was based on the brand architecture and value proposition, an evocative, high-engagement naming strategy to humanise the offering.

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B2B customer and B2C user journey maps, empathy mapping and card sorting across all digital touchpoints and product design.

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The UI enables the PaaS to sync seamlessly across a range of digital experiences, products and devices for an uninterrupted brand experience. B2B and B2C products are integrated across mobile, POS, desktop and two custom-designed touchscreen kiosk formats.

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"Julie's work for Kinektek has been phenomenal. She guided us through a comprehensive re-branding of the entire business from the ground up. Her extensive grasp of brand and design strategy has enabled our business to establish systems and frameworks to accommodate all of our design requirements across all of our platforms and solutions. Beyond her strategic and business acumen, her creative and aesthetic design skills are really first class."


Matthew Slaven, CEO, Kinektek